Robyn is a Specialised Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist. She is passionate about health and has been in the healing world since 2008. Her journey in the health industry began in Sydney, Australia, where she worked alongside top health professionals in a number of health centres.

Having previously struggled with her own health Robyn has learnt a tremendous amount about the body through her own journey. Kinesiology, yoga and other healing modalities helped her to find balance and ultimately transformed her life completely, teaching her how to ‘do life better’ without pain and suffering.

Robyn’s passion for bodywork is evident in all that she does and her loyal clients will bare testimony to this.

Her calling is to heal and help people and she believes in empowering individuals to live balanced lives and to be free from suffering.

Robyn combines 2 forms of Kinesiology (Neuro Training and Neural Organization Technique) in her sessions to get the best results for her clients. She is a member of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA) and  Do Life Better Association.

Robyn loves yoga, swimming, hiking, healthy cooking, bodywork, and being in nature. These are the things that fill her soul!

Be calm, be kind, be well xxx


Certified Solution Oriented Neuro Training Kinesiologist
Member of Association of Specialised Kinesiologist South Africa
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Certified Neural Organisation Technique Practitioner
Diploma Remedial Massage
Swedish Massage
Sports Massage
Reiki Level 2
Certified Dorn Method Practitioner