Neural organisation technique is one of the most holistic ways to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries non-invasively. It is based on chiropractic and applied kinesiology,and was developed by a chiropractor named Dr Carl Ferreri in 1979 (below). When treating patients in Brooklyn, New York, Dr Ferreri realized that traditional spinal care was not always sufficient for patients with deeper, complex clinical histories. He began studying these patients to uncover the underlying cause of their ailments.

Dr Ferreri observed that the body is organized into four integrated survival systems: feeding, fight/flight, reproduction, and immunity. Every function of your body relies on the proper organisation and integration of these four survival systems. The integration of these four systems is manifested by the central nervous system.

The central nervous system is made up of the spinal cord and brain with nerves branching out into every part of the body. It forms a direct line of communication between your brain and the rest of your body through the regular transmission of nerve impulses. The CNS is responsible for everything from digestion and sensory functions to controlling our heart rate and blood pressure. Trauma, injury, or stress affecting the central nervous system can inhibit its ability to properly control any of these functions.

Neural organisation technique seeks to reorganise the central nervous system so that it can function properly. The theory of N.O.T. is based on the idea that your body is self-regulating, self-healing, and self-perpetuating (the tissues can replace themselves). Once this reorganisation is established, your body can begin to heal itself.


Robyn will identify which program is corrupted through a series of gentle tests designed to assess how the body responds to various situations including light/dark, eyes open/closed and any situation of relevant stress.  The purpose of these tests is to assess the status of your survival systems and gauge to what extent your nervous system is promoting protective/defensive responses rather than growth and repair in your body.

She will then use non-invasive reflex, cranial, and spinal techniques to reactivate and reorganise the nervous system.

Patients/clients generally find N.O.T. very relaxing and enjoyable. Marvelous changes will occur in your body as your nervous system shifts its attention back to growth and repair without all the traumas you hold onto.

Recovery of your health and wellbeing will depend upon the length of time you have had problems and your ability to avoid and resolve stresses in your life.

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended, but this is totally up to the client.


Dr Carl A. Ferreri DC, from Brooklyn New York, had been a Chiropractor for over 50 years, having preceded his Chiropractic training with a number of years at University studying Law. The Atlantic States Chiropractic Institute awarded him a PhC, Philosopher of Chiropractic, where he also served as an Instructor after gaining his Doctor of Chiropractic. He taught both undergraduate and post graduate Technique and Nutrition to Chiropractors and earned a PhD. degree in 1958. He had a degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

His diverse background included Chiropractic Technique, Sacro Occipital and Cranial Technique, Classical Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Activator Technique, Bio Magnetic research and other Reflex programmes.

In his early twenties he had been a New York Power Lifting Champion and had hurt his back. After a Chiropractor fixed his back, he quit Law and turned to the Art and Science of Chiropractic, against the wishes of his father. His father was a New York Supreme Court Judge.

Dr Ferreri studied Applied Kinesiology and saw in it an opportunity to explore the wonders of the human body in all its intricacies.

He developed the Neural Organization Technique in 1979. He presented seminars and post graduate seminars since 1981 throughout the United States, England, Europe, Australia and South America. He is the author of several books, including “Breakthrough for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities”, “Philosophical and Technique Manuals on Basic Neural Organization Technique Protocols”, “Scoliosis”, “Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities”, “Endocrine, Circulatory and Cardiac Stress” problems and “Extremity Techniques”. Unfortunately he passed away but his studies continue to be used all over the world.



All health problems are assisted by the nervous system working more effectively and optimum function of the nervous system is imperative for complete wellness.  Therefore all health problems from head and back aches to sore feet, colds, asthma, and more serious problems can be assisted.  Also anyone who wishes to enhance their health, improve their performance or optimize their potential could benefit greatly from N.O.T.

There must be a free flow of energy to all parts of the brain and body for optimal functioning and wellness!

List of conditions treated:

Sacro iliac and/or sacro lumbar (low back pains)
Cervical (neck) and thoracic (trunk) spinal problems
Vertebral disc (bulging discs and herniated discs)
Sciatica (pain in the nerve in the leg),
Idiopathic scoliosis and other similar structural conditions
Sports injuries
Birth trauma and related problems
Headaches (specified and unspecified including migraines)
A.D.D / A.D.H.D
Learning Difficulties
Colds / Flu
Skin eruptions / rashes / acne
Emotional rollercoaster
Hormone imbalance


Head and Cranial Injuries
Many people suffer a hit to the head, concussion, whiplash or maybe more serious injury with broken bones and brain damage. Often it heals but the person has symptoms that last a lifetime. Using kinesiology and the N.O.T. protocols it is now possible to reorganize the nervous system circuits to eliminate this deficit. We now know that most bi-polar and depressed people have sustained a head injury and most probably a whiplash, even if only a mild one. We can evaluate both of these conditions and correct the Cerebellar Reflex in the brain and start the healing process in a short period of time.

Immune Disorders
Our immune system is responsible for the overall health of our bodies. If it dysfunctions or overloads we suffer from allergies and also autoimmune diseases may develop. Cancer is a result of our immune system not working correctly and we can improve its functioning. All sorts of allergies including environmental and food allergies, bronchitis and asthma and auto-immune conditions can result from the digestive disturbances because of mal digestion or mal absorption. This scenario demonstrates not only the interrelation of one system to the other but also why these traumas are not just a stiff neck which will go away in time.

T.M.J. – Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction
The jaw is often overlooked as a major source of health problems. The T.M.J. is neurologically involved in the digestion process and ramifications of these traumatic deficits can manifest in digestive disorders, constipation, hiatal hernia, ilio caecal and other digestive valve problems and swallowing difficulties. Many different protocols ranging from digestion, defensive through to head injuries, and even bedwetting may be caused from a dysfunctioning jaw.

Dyslexia and Scoliosis
Dyslexia and all learning disabilities has been recognised by the various national and local organisations involved to be a condition of neural disorganisation. N.O.T. was uniquely able to address these disorganisations and a successful treatment protocol was then created.

A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) and A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) are more complicated forms requiring more extensive treatment protocols. No drugs are ever used in relation to these conditions.

One of the first endeavours was to correct his son Vince’s Dyslexia, who at that time was at University. Soon after that he read in the December 1985 issue of SPINE magazine, an Orthopaedic Surgery magazine, that Scoliotics (people with a Scoliosis or an S-curvature of the spine) had a high percentage of Dyslexia also present. This intrigued Dr Ferreri as he considered that if he could correct Dyslexia, then Scoliosis may also be able to be helped. And so began the N.O.T. journey which has taken him around the world. Until recently Dr Ferreri ran a busy practice in Brooklyn, as well as travelling around the world teaching and treating all who are willing to attend and learn from his experiences.

Endocrine Disorders
Our hormones dictate our female and our male characteristics and throughout our life we are controlled by our hormones. This not only affects our sexual functioning but also our very existence as men and women. In N.O.T. we can balance this activity in relation to liver and thyroid function for a better quality of life. All our hormones are reactions to each other and we can balance the body for these imbalances.

Cardiac Back Stress
As a result of hormonal imbalances we often end up with stiff low backs and lumbar involvements. Using the N.O.T. protocols we are able to bring harmony to the abdominal versus the sacrospinalis muscles and allow for greater flexibility.

Sports Injuries
Sports injuries among the young are becoming almost epidemic. A series of studies has concluded that head-to-head collisions in sports can produce brain injuries that may affect high school and college athletes years after they’ve left the court or playing field. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, about 62,000 US students and athletes suffer ‘mild’ head injuries annually. Some of these injuries affect learning, memory, concentration and decision making.

Athletes with learning disorders appear to suffer more significant long-term consequences from head injuries sustained in sports. This in itself is a very serious situation because there is very little adequate treatment available to counter the effects of these head traumas. For the most part, no treatment is even offered because it is generally felt that the condition will resolve itself in time. This is almost never the case, but the case histories seldom span more than three months when any lesion caused by the trauma heals. To compound the problem even further, since the advent of seat belts and air bags there are fewer fatal automobile accidents, but many more head-injured people who now survive the otherwise fatal accident. The injured athlete and the accident survivor both suffer post-trauma injury syndromes which include chronic head, neck, spine and back pains, scoliosis and neurological dysfunction of one kind or another in various parts of the body or in the use of that part. Cognitive deficits are also common.

We all injure our joints in the knee, elbow, wrists and ankles. N.O.T. has many techniques to prevent injury as well as treating them after the fact.


The body is organized functionally into four primal survival systems which are generally known as the feeding, fight/flight, reproduction and immune systems. All physiological, neurological, vegetative and cognitive activities must function within or through these survival systems in an organized and integrated manner. In order for the body to survive, these systems must be organized within themselves first and then must be integrated and synchronised with each other. This organization is manifest through the integrated function of the central nervous system. Various kinds of stress including physical, emotional, chemical, or environmental trauma can, and many times do, interfere with the harmonious and organised function of these reflex systems and ultimately the central nervous system itself.

Throughout his professional career, Dr Ferreri studied many associated modalities, includes Acupuncture, N.L.P. (Neuro- Linguistic Programming), Nutrition, and attended over 200 Advanced Chiropractic Seminars in his quest for knowledge on the workings of the body.

He realized that no matter what the circumstances, how big or how small, it must always involve one or more of these survival systems. These innate systems are in place to insure our ability to respond to certain stimuli, to sustain, protect, repair and / or create new life: ie., survival of the individual and survival of the species. He recognized that the body, and its multitude of functions, worked precisely like a computer (or the other way around), with very specific programs for every event in our lives. Some programs were built into our neurology, other programs were developed or learned, as the need arose, or combined as necessary for survival. Although there are only four basic survival systems, there is a very complex array of interactions, which are found to organize our bodily functions.

Neural Organization Therapy, or N.O.T., is one of the most complete and one of the most powerful treatment programs in Holistic Medicine in the world today. All the concepts which are drawn on and taught in N.O.T are based in knowledge acquired from Applied Kinesiology (Dr George Goodheart DC, Dr David Walther DC., ICAK), Touch For Health (Dr John Thie DC), Sacro Occipital Technique (S.O.T – Dr De Jarnette DC), Cranio-Sacral Therapy, (Dr John Upledger DO), Chiropractic (Dr D Palmer DC), Dr Frank Chapman DO (Neuro Lymphatic Reflexes), Dr Terence Bennett DC (Bennett’s Reflexes or Neuro Vasculars), Acupuncture, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, and observations made by Dr Ferreri over 45 years as a research Chiropractor. He considered that we were all designed to live and function in the “jungle” and as such had to survive against all odds. By taking the personal history of a person, observing the phenomena of the various conditions and taking the N.O.T protocols as a starting point, often we find dramatic changes will occur for the person presenting for treatment.

Dr Ferreri recognized that there was neurological priority in the way the body worked. He began to explore this concept very deeply and developed the programs that are the blueprint of the body’s neurology. This takes into account all the four survival systems and their sub-programs. Because of limitation of space in the body and the conservation of energy factors, the body uses many of the same systems or parts of them over and over, often with different starting points, “in relation to” different functions. Ideally the body works in an organized manner. If the body can understand what you want to know and / or why you are doing something to it, it can and will respond specifically under those circumstances and allow changes to the stored neurological programs for the system you are working on. This will usually last for a long time, if all factors are attended to. When an N.O.T Practitioner works on a person, they will start at the beginning and continue in a specific order until all corrections are made.

Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.), a non-invasive, kinesiologically-based treatment protocol, is designed to recognise any of these disorganizations that may be found within the neural programmes of these primal survival systems if damaged or otherwise compromised. The treatment protocols are then designed to specifically organize or reorganise a disorganised central nervous system. A disruption of the natural balance within these previously synchronised processes will cause a change in the electromagnetic field in various parts of the body. This EM change can then be measured, analysed and treated. Homeostasis is then restored to the body by activating combinations of the known reflex systems, acupuncture meridians, muscle spindles, magnetic energy, cranial and spinal bone balances and nutrition which control these systems. The key to the success of this treatment protocol is that it recognizes the need for the specific organization and integration of all systems within the body.

The body is a totally integrated biological and energetic entity where everything affects everything else in one way or another and as the old song goes, the “head bone” is really connected to the “foot bone”. It is impossible to treat one part of the body without affecting or causing stress or change somewhere else in the body.

Neural Organization Therapy is unique in other ways not found in other treatment protocols. The NOT examination and treatment protocols take into account the body’s awareness of itself and the circumstances of life as it is lived. Eyes open and closed, light and dark and half-light conditions (dawn, dusk, etc) and various eye directions are a normal part of the usual examination and treatment procedures. Also considered are changing body positions (getting up from sitting or lying), cold, heat, walking, jumping, running, sitting in the car, etc. which very often influence the memory of the circumstances surrounding the condition. These circumstances, when included in the treatment protocol, are almost always key to successful treatment and usually make for rapid and successful conclusions to any condition.

The list of conditions treated with this method almost reads like a pathology book because it is so diverse. This is because the treatment protocols are aimed at the neurological, physiological and energetic deficits which either cause or allow the condition or deficit to exist, and not necessarily at the condition itself. It doesn’t matter what you have or what you call it but rather why you have it. We don’t treat the disease but we do treat the causes.

The Interconnectedness of the Body
Nothing happens in or to the body without a total body awareness of the incident. This awareness is communicated through an intact nervous system so that the body can accommodate the particular incident and can act appropriately to survive. As these systems are involved in our basic survival, they must also of necessity be reflex in nature, that is, automatic, needing no cognitive activity or training to function. Trauma in all of its possibilities can and does disrupt the neural programmes within these reflex systems which then send inappropriate signals to the body.

There is an axiom in neurology which is known as the ‘all or none’ rule. If there is sufficient stimulation then that neurological program must fully activate and if not, it will not. Our research has identified the specific areas in or on the body which will activate the neural circuits within these programmes. They in turn control all possibilities including posture, gait, balance, movement, glandular, immune, digestive and cognitive functions.

Since we are dealing with neural integration and integrity, the support structures of the body, the skeleton and particularly the cranial bones and their function, must also be taken into consideration. The anatomical position of the bones of the skeleton is obviously important. The physiological function and reciprocal respiratory motion of the cranial system is essential to proper neurological function and to life itself. The function of the brain can be monitored through instrumentation by measuring the electromagnetic discharges of the brain itself.

The lines of force of the electromagnetic fields which influence all body function, including the brain, are laid down in the connective tissues, particularly in the bones, and in the case of the brain in the cranial bones. Any disturbance of this delicate balance can produce disastrous results in relation to brain and neurological function. We see evidence of this every day when we see the results of cranial trauma.

The method of examination for all of the above is based on kinesiological concepts in which a strong muscle indicator [a muscle which can resist reasonable force on command] is used. This method accesses the body’s own knowledge of itself. If there is a functional or structural deficit anywhere in the body, there will be a change in the electromagnetic energy in that part or function. When that part or reflex area is touched by either the examiner or the patient there is a distraction to the overall energy field as the body tries to compensate for the change. This change is registered in the test muscle and the muscle momentarily weakens on stress.

A frequent question asked by both patients and doctors is “how long does it last?” If the corrections are made properly and completely they usually last until the patient re-injures themselves, which may be many years later. One thing the patients appreciate is that “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, leave it alone” philosophy of NOT. This brings in many new patients.

These are some of the principles of NOT. This is how the body works, not just sometimes but all the time. The philosophy of NOT is that it is NOT impossible. Due to the success of the various treatment protocols patients come from all over the world and almost every State in the US. They contact our office almost daily seeking a practitioner of N.O.T. close to home or they will journey to our Brooklyn office. They come with chronic conditions of almost every description as patient tells patient and/or parent tells parent.

Survival Systems of the Body:
The concept of survival systems, FEEDING, FIGHT/FLIGHT, REPRODUCTION and the LIMBIC system (combination of immune, repair, growth, cellular reproduction systems) is the basis to what N.O.T is all about. We do not treat a person’s symptoms, we treat a person and check out these systems which usually clears most symptoms. In a person’s life, everything that happens to us that causes stress, injury or some dysfunction or neural deficit, happens to us at some time during our life when it is either light or dark, whether with natural or artificial light. Also, we will have our eyes opened or we will have them closed. It therefore makes a lot of sense to have the person you are testing / treating as a client, to open and close their eyes in the light and open and close their eyes in the dark. By doing this, we can find each deficit at causal time and reprogram the person’s nervous system accordingly. This may have to be done for most tests and corrections and it is important if we find it in the dark, eyes closed eg., that the person keeps the eyes closed while the corrections are being done.

Sometimes, dawn and dusk may be necessary to find the deficit. We also may have to find time of day and / or night in some protocols such as; bed wetting, pain at night, hot, cold, weather, waking up, acts such as standing, sitting, lying, standing up from being seated, bending over etc., We say the words such as “standing”, “it’s light”, “sitting” etc. and test the Indicator Muscle. All these factors will assist in achieving better results with clients. N.O.T reorganizes your nervous system so that you can function in the way you were designed to.

If we can’t find the problem, we can’t fix it. If we can find the deficit, we can fix it!

In N.O.T we consider that as 80% of the nervous system is found above the atlas or C1, the top bone in the spine, and the brain is encased in the cranium, then it is possible that the function of the cranial bones and membranes surrounding the brain should be given a high priority. As the cranial bones are functional and can move, they can also be damaged from blows to the head or injury. If they can be jammed, then we can un-jam them and recreate their motion. We also consider that the body in its totality is a self healing creation and as such it can heal itself if we assist by removing those factors which are causing interference or deficit in the nervous system’s functioning. Any disruption of this harmonious relationship between all parts of the body will eventually manifest as a dis-ease. However, before a disease manifests, there will be a predisposition to that disease and this will be found in these four systems and can be interrupted BEFORE the DIS-EASE manifests!