Robyn has changed my life.  I went to her after a friend recommended her to me.  I have been to  psychologists and have tried other different therapies and was desperate for something that could give me results.
Robyn is a wonderful person. One of those people whom you feel safe with. It’s so easy to trust her share with her. After the first session I already felt like a new person.  After 5 sessions my problems seem like something of the past.
Thank you Robyn for giving me a life that I never knew I could have!
I really mean what I’ve said in this email. Thanks Robyn.

I have suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember and have tried everything from neurology, physiotherapy, bio kinetics, iridology, reflexology, homeopathy, acupuncture, cranio sacral therapy etc. to help me cope. At best, I would get a migraine every month and at worst, twice a week. Since consulting Robyn for kinesiology and NOT, my migraines have consistently and drastically reduced to a now rare occurrence. Robyn is caring, intuitive and professional and I cannot thank her enough for improving my quality of life.

Robyn has also helped my eight year old son with concentration issues. His teacher thought he was borderline ADD as he was disruptive in class and lacked concentration and focus. Since seeing Robyn his concentration, focus and standard of work has improved enormously. His teacher cannot believe the turn around in his behavior during class and once again Robyn is to thank for this.

After struggling for years with lower back and hip pain from an old hockey injury, I went to Robyn for an N.O.T session. After just 2 sessions I was free of pain. I now refuse to let a physio or anyone else touch my lower back. If I fall or go through a physical or emotional trauma I go straight to Robyn for a top up session. This technique is very powerful!!!

Initially I went to see Robyn to assist with my chronic Asthma and Sinus issues. I was sick and tired of always being on Cortisone and antibiotics- and especially tired of having one healthy week for every three sick weeks. What started as a purely physical concern, quickly morphed into so much more. Not only am I healthy! But through Robyn’s caring, focussed treatment I have also managed to work on the underlying issues, fears and suppressions that causes these problems. Working with Robyn has helped me to live a more balanced life; to be in mental, physical and spiritual balance. I look forward to my sessions with her and always leave feeling renewed, grounded, healthy, happy and balanced.
Thank you Robyn for being such an incredibly kind, sensitive and gifted healer.

I’ve been seeing Robyn for Kinesiology for roughly 6 months and have been taking my 2 daughters to see her as well. Robyn has dramatically improved my allergies and other physical ailments often by unblocking emotions stored within my body.

When I first took my 2 year old daughter to see Robyn she was unwell, vehemently refusing to go to school and generally miserable, which was totally out of character for her. After 3 sessions Robyn had helped her to return to school happily and we were delighted to have our baby back. Our funny, happy little ray of sunshine was home again!

I started taking my 7 year old daughter to Robyn to help with her poor concentration which was affecting her school work and homework. She has also always struggled to go to sleep at night and within 24hrs of seeing Robyn she was able to fall asleep almost instantly which was a measurable improvement. I can tell when it is time for her next kinesiology session because she reverts to drawn out bedtimes.

From my experience Kinesiology is a process and you need to trust that process a little because if you do the results are amazing. Robyn has a real gift, I trust her and the results we’ve experienced have already amazed me.

My name is Charlotte. I am a vet who has been working in private practice for a number of years. It’s no secret that our profession has  an exceptionally high suicide rate, a fact that hangs heavy on our shoulders. Last year I started to experience the tell tale signs of burn out and compassion fatigue. Naturally  I reached out for guidance from the medical profession. The advice I received was generic, impersonal and frankly careless.  I felt alone and bitterly disappointed. Without a second glance I was handed a blanket diagnosis with a ‘simple treatment’.  My intuition told me otherwise yet I continued to spiral further  downwards.

Nothing is like Kinesiology. I have no words to describe the way my life has improved,  in a personal and professional capacity.

Robyn is an unbelievable therapist,  authentic and 100% dedicated.

Her work is outstanding and the most amazing part is how she genuinely cares.  I can only strive to give my  patients the same quality of service.

I cannot fully comprehend the changes Kinesiology has made in me.  It helps me find the balance I was searching for all this time. Thanks to Robyn I have  once again found that love for Veterinary science. I have dedicated my life to celebrating the human- animal bond.  I may just have given up on that childhood dream – a decision I would have regretted for the rest of my life.

“I have no words to explain the difference I feel. I feel calm and so peaceful. It’s just amazing. But the best thing of all is that the pain in my lower back has practically disappeared. I felt a tingling sensation in the back for most of the afternoon and had the best nights sleep. Thank you so much!” (This was after just one session.)

“All judgment reveals itself to be self-judgment in the end, and when this is understood a larger comprehension of the nature of life takes its place.”
I started seeing Robyn six months ago – her gentle spirit and enlightened aura was a breath of fresh air in what for me had been a tough transition into SA after 8 years abroad. Her  work on the spiritual level as well as the other more ‘accepted’ levels addressing my emotional fatigue and disillusionment is a key part of the process, as when the spirit is ‘set free’ from the constraints of the imprisonment of the 3rd dimensional aspect, true healing and transformation are possible!

Robyn has been instrumental in my healing process where through the work – I have clarity and a reenergized sense of purpose! Robyn is a gem – talking to her about the issue and gaining  insights on both a conscious and emotional level; healing on all the levels! And what I have learnt is that this way you can not only meet whatever the challenge is, but learn and grow through it to become much more than you have ever been and surpass the limitations that caused the crisis in the first place!
Namaste Robyn! X

I have been seeing Robyn for  many years. She has treated me for a range of issues, both emotionally and physically. I have a problematic sacrum that she treats in one session versus multiple physio visits. She has a wonderful soothing manner and a magic gentle touch . I would not hesitate to recommend her services., she truly is a professional in her field.

After months of visiting multiple doctors who prescribed me multiple antibiotics, I thought I would never be able to fix my stomach problems. And then a friend recommended Robyn to me. Wow! Not only was Robyn able to understand the problems with my stomach and prescrible natural remedies to help fix it, but she was able to identify the emotional stressors and anxieties that were contributing to the problem.

Following this, I started to see Robyn for both mind and body development, and she has been helping me balance life ever since. Robyn’s attention to details, discrete and encouraging manner really opened me up to work on my issues. I would recommend Robyn to anyone that is really ready to live their life differently.

I have had amazing results from the Kinesiology treatments I have had with Robyn, not only has my back ache improved I have felt a change in my attitude to life.  I have feelings of peace and love within myself and I have seen the positive effects my attitude has had on my family.

I have been seeing Robyn for Kinesiology for over 4 months and I have noticed subtle transformations in various aspects of my life. Because of Robyn’s approachable, intuitive, and healing energy, I feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable and release suppressed emotions.

My sessions with Robyn assisted my body and mind to overcome the emotional blocks that were hindering my life and resisting me from moving forward. Her Kinesiology sessions are extremely beneficial in creating a better understanding and love for yourself. It has helped me cope better with the obstacles which arise and to face life with a sense of calm and balance.

I was very fortunate to find Robyn and her practice during a very challenging time in my life, where, during a period of 6 months, I got divorced, moved home, changed jobs, and had a death in my family. Robyn’s compassionate approach to healing therapies enabled me to release myself from the heaviness of life, and move to a lighter state of being. I would never have made it without her.